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What Is Dialogue?

Inspired, but not led, by the revolutionary teaching of J. Krishnamurti, this form of dialogue is open and welcoming to all those interested in learning about themselves, their ways of thinking and the impact this is having on the world in general. Lack of awareness about our fears, desires, attachments, loneliness, etc. – conscious or otherwise – is limiting our very perception and outlook on life. We will be investigating ordinary patterns of conditioned thinking – not as an intellectual activity but as an animate process affecting us directly – and seriously examining whether it is possible to actually and fundamentally change.

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Hello Jackie

How are things?
Would mentioning one’s special moment as in real life be a base for attempted dialogues ?It seems to me that k was attempting to share his own life and experiments as much as it could be.
Opinion, judgement exist in the world of thought all the time, is what I see, there is a beyond that as I like many have experimented.
Then that is a start for a dialogue ,again in real life, not to forget that by being in the same room or place, if one says one’s own experiments, more than the words will be there…
And so on.
PS: are you still in the south of France as we go back there soon?


Dialog is the expression of love and compassion, unfortunately without love nothing is possible.

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A much needed remainder.