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What does it mean to ask a fundamental question?

Conflict at any level, at any depth, indicates immaturity.

Any thoughts as to the significance of the word “fundamental” as it pertains to “all levels” of our own consciousness? To apprehend everything as it actually is - inclusive of the studier - does not appear to be accessible because the studier needs to stand apart in order to consider that which is being studied. At least, that is how the human mind has evolved - as laid out in no uncertain terms in the Uncertainty Principle.

Fundamental : before thought? Absent all concepts/things?

To the significance of the word “fundamental” in this context:
I think a hint is in the quote: “There’s no end to conflict, small or great, in the field of thought;” -
the answer to a fundamental question is not found in the realm of thought.

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Fundamental means it is not about the individual, you or me. It has a broader principle, such as in science. The question asker is not speculating, not analysing, not theorising, not being clever, only pointing to this principle. There is a question raised, and to see this as limited to the person, the individual, to some perception, mind theory, etc, and look to the asker, is missing the point of the question. To wonder how any one can point to such fundamentals, neglecting the point, is doubt, or fear, or envy, something like that. Then that raises the question, when I have doubt, for example, is it the word and the knowledge informing me correctly, or is it all thought, and do I see this doubt experience, this sensation, for myself, directly, not as an idea, and learn?