What Do You Want?

The conditioned brain wants to undergo a radical transformation because it knows it is insensitive and corrupt. It wants to be innocent, vulnerable, empty, and attentive, the antithesis of what it is, because it knows it is mostly mistaken, duped, and duplicitous.

As long as <wants < is there, you are in trap.

Since “wanting” can’t be avoided, how does one avoid being “trapped”?

I want to fulfill the possibility of love in my relationship with people through listening and sharing, this is what I want.

What does the self-centered, conditioned brain know of love?

The conditioned brain is its own trap. There is no “you” in it…you is the trap.

Thank you, Inquiry, for your response to my post. May I ask, is love something to be known, or is it something that arises when there is no self-centeredness?

I don’t know, but if love is not “something to be known”, and you ask if love “arises when there is no self-centeredness”, where is your question coming from?

Can you admit that you know nothing about love beyond what you believe about it (or what K said about it), or are you implying that you’re no stranger to love?

where I is,there is no Love.

when you ask, you are already in trap.

Thank you again, Inquiry, for your response. Love is not a feeling; love is not an emotion, or a sensation; love is not thought or imagination. Love is a possibility that is invariably present in every human being, a possibility that gives us the capability of acting on love, a possibility that anyone can fulfill, i.e., make actual, at any moment the “me” is absent. Therefore, all of us have at one moment or another acted on love, but most of us have done so without being either aware or conscious of it.

If we live within noise all our life, any encounter with silence can seem deafening.

On the other hand, a fish might not believe in all the stories about the existence of water.

On the subject of love, every self-centered brain recites something like this. But love, it seems to this self-centered brain, would have nothing to say about love because love is what one does - not what one says love is or isn’t.

Thank you, Inquiry, I could not agree more with this response of yours.