What do you feel about life?

What thoughts are bothering you? What your current emotion? Are you ok?

Currently, I am happy, relaxed, and have no thoughts bothering me. I love where I am and love life altogether.

There are disturbing, fretful thoughts and there are soothing, relaxing thoughts to counteract the disturbing, fretful thoughts. And this back and forth is our existence because thought doesn’t stop when it’s incoherent, confused, as our thinking is.

So what can one do when thought goes where it will when we are not harnessing it for practical purposes? Do we attend to every thought, no matter how disturbing and fretful, or do we escape it by thinking soothing,relaxing thoughts?

What happens when we’re aware of thought as nothing more than what it is, regardless of how we feel about it, how we react to it?

What is thought? Thought is the response of memory to a challenge. Without a challenge there is no thought. Without a question there is no answer. Can thought only respond to technological challenges and be quiet with regard to emotional challenges? That is the difficulty because we are conditioned to use thought to solve any kind of problem. That is why humans have not solved any psychological problem.

K. When one is aware of the total process of obsession or of any other problem, only then is there freedom from the problem. To be extensively aware, there must be no condemnation or justification of the problem; awareness must be choiceless. To be so aware demands wide patience and sensitivity; it requires eagerness and sustained attention so that the whole process of thinking can be observed and understood.

Commentaries on Living Series I | Obsession