What do we understand by the word “thought”?

What do we understand by the word “thought”?
There are words, ideas, concepts, images, memories, and thinking. There is also the mind activity, the busy mind. The mind activity, while not registering as words, etc, has the underlying mechanism of thought. Psychologically, this mechanism is serving a function in the form of a mental awareness, or alertness. I might have a worry, an anxiety, a caution, and the mind is looking to identify what this may be and what action is required. This is motive or desire. It is a habit. The basic activity of the mind has become a constant underlying wariness or defensiveness. It is basically fearful. It is not a peaceful mind.


As I see it is: if thought is really understood the word isn’t of any importance any more!.

@Peter, I think you already answered your own question beautifully.

You can’t solve a problem without desire and motive, and problem-solving is a good habit, so what’s the problem?

We all know what we mean by “thought” because, unless we’re conversant in some other medium, it’s all we have to work with.

Those of us familiar with K’s teaching are familiar with the idea that there is practical, necessary thought, and so-called “psychological” thought, which is the assertion and defense of one’s imagined self.

The familiarity is the disease.

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