What did exactly K meant by transformation?

What did he mean by that word “transformation” ?

It is odd that some of us don’t know what K meant by transformation and yet use that word without any basics.

Chat GPT:

For Krishnamurti, transformation refers to a fundamental and profound change in the human psyche. It involves a radical shift in consciousness, a departure from conditioned patterns of thought, and a transcending of the limitations imposed by societal influences and personal conditioning. Krishnamurti emphasized that true transformation goes beyond superficial change and is rooted in self-awareness, insight, and a deep understanding of the nature of one’s mind. It is a process of inner revolution that leads to a more awakened and liberated state of being.

Mr James, I don’t think that K meant what you said about transformation.

I say transformation is the abandonment of the “me” without expecting anything what so ever.

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This is one way of putting it. But my personal feeling is that it doesn’t communicate the whole of what Krishnamurti was wanting to say by a radical transformation in consciousness.

You disagreed that by ‘transformation’ Krishnamurti meant

While Krishnamurti didn’t use these exact words (because this is a definition given by an AI language software program), I don’t believe he was saying something very different from this.

I have set this out on a separate thread so as to not take up space on this one.