What Are We Doing Here?

Do we come here and express ourselves to expose ourselves, or to develop greater skill at self-expression? What happens when we come with the intent to expose ourselves and find that all we’re exposing is how poorly we communicate? What if we communicate so poorly that we can’t even tell how poorly we communicate? Who/what are we when we can’t see the writing on the screen for what it is?

What is self-knowledge when I’m effectively blind and tone-deaf? Truth, actuality, are, like everything else I am, words, concepts, images, notions, suspicions, beliefs, fears and desires. Can I know what I am if I can’t express it, articulate it? Can I know anything when I am nothing but sounds and symbols I can’t even examine? Have I been out of my element too long to be elemental?

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I come here to read others’ thoughts and express some of mine. It has helped me understand some of K’s teachings, and to unravel some insight. I also look for responses to my postings, and probably get a shot of dopamine like I do when I get an email, leaving me feeling good. I learn here and love here. It’s a feel good place for me.