WEEKEND DIALOGUES Saturday October 21/Sunday October 22, 2023 – Understanding Our Thinking

Dialogue Question: What is the effect of understanding our thinking?

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This weekend we’ll hold the last dialogue under the name of Kinfonet. And next month continue as Observations International Dialogue Group. The format and scheduling will be similar; and any changes will be announced through email. If you’re unsure as to whether you’re on the email list, please send me a note (at melog21210@gmail.com) and I’ll make sure you’re signed up.

Thanks very much to Dev and Andrea Singh for hosting the dialogues these past 3 years. We are ever grateful for your creating the framework for this international community of friends to come together and share in this unique and enlightening form of exploration. The effect of that creation continues…

This weekend’s topic comes from one of the daily quotes on Kinfonet.org (Oct 13th):

To go beyond the self-enclosing activities of the mind, you must understand them

“That is why it is important, as I said, to understand the process, the ways of our own thinking. Self-knowledge cannot be gathered through anybody, through any book, through any confession, psychology, or psychoanalyst. It has to be found by yourself, because it is your life; and without the widening and deepening of that knowledge of the self, do what you will, alter any outward or inward circumstances, influences - it will ever be a breeding ground of despair, pain, sorrow.

To go beyond the self-enclosing activities of the mind, you must understand them; and to understand them is to be aware of action in relationship, relationship to things, to people, and to ideas. In that relationship, which is the mirror, we begin to see ourselves, without any justification or condemnation; and from that wider and deeper knowledge of the ways of our own mind, it is possible to proceed further; then it is possible for the mind to be quiet, to receive that which is real.

Ojai, California USA | 4th Public Talk 24th July 1949

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Is K talking of state of receptivity or openess?

If so, its not something that I decide to do - it doesn’t come from confusion or the hope of some gain, but from an understanding of… (division, self, experience)