We Are Nature and Thought is Not Our Enemy

That’s not a bad definition of psychological thought, though I would say “fictional” self, rather than “non-existant”, because as far as the conditioned brain is concerned, the self exists.

Because psychological and practical thought are fused, thought is confused and operates incoherently, but it has no motive, no reason for what it does because it is just articulates the brain’s conditioned response.

If we take K at his word, the brain can be silent, alert, attentive, without thought operating at all, and this means that thought is not intrinsic to awareness, so why ascribe motive to a function that is not essential, but just useful? It’s like blaming the gun for what the shooter does with it.

I am thought. I do what the conditioned brain has me do. I exist to carry out its will. I have no choice in the matter. I am an instrument that does what it’s employed to do, which is to perpetuate its confusion.

The conditioned brain makes me look like the villain, the culprit, the plotting, scheming, master-mind, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Maybe the brain will wake up and give me a break.