Using the Title and adding a Question, are they the same thing?

I am not sure how this works in practical terms so I am practicing here. I see some people put a Title, others raise a Question in the Title. This difference doesn’t matter so much, but on the page I always wonder is the first posting directly connected to this Title, and is the author of the Title this author of the first posting? Probably it is, I don’t know. Yet under the Title are the words “Kinfonet Discussion”, as if someone in the administration has started it. I would prefer the Title box and first posting to have a clearer visual connection on the page. As it is, it looks completely separate, and the first posting as one of the replies to the Title words. Which gets back to my query. Is the first posting the opening posting together with the Title, and the one author?

So now I am looking at the results of my Feedback posting. I think I could restate the Title at the head of my posting, and this would solve my issue with this layout.