Today I realized something beyond words!

You see, this is the way it has been for thousands of years. Today I was in a ‘dialogue’ and it was pointed out that ‘dialogue’ could be used to perpetuate the ‘known’. This truth was pointed out. And of course, it had some very strong reactions. Regardless of who ‘reacted’ and who pointed out this truth something immense was revealed. You see, as this energy or intelligence starts to brake free of this immense stranglehold of the ‘known’ so that passion and energy can be very disturbing to anyone who wants to live in the ‘safety’ of the KNOWN. Truth being limitless, unconditioned is a total threat to what we call the ‘known’. Our so called security lies bound up in the known wether we like it or not. If someone kicks away or strips away our belief system, our ideas, our concepts, our images, our attachments we are momentarily LOST and then we react from our conditioning to defend that which has been taken away from us!!! This is what actually happens and today one saw it very clearly operating in the dialogue. Without a degree of humility it is almost impossible to see any of this going on because it is happening so fast. The so-called ‘centre’ defending itself because its so-called security has been threatened. This was a tremendous shock to see for in that moment one was totally alone seeing this ‘conditioned violence’ unfolding in front of one’s very eyes. It took all one’s energy to stay with and just watch without judgment coming in and creating even more division. So to be very clear as you go deeper into yourself you will begin to see all the traps and reactions that the mind throws up in order to defend and continue this sense experience of the ‘known’. This is what we are all up against and as long as we fight each other so the truth can never reveal itself. As long as we maintain this division as ‘me’ and ‘you’ we can never come to that ground of silence or understanding in which we see we are both exactly the same !!!


Hello Dev, I heard through the grapevine that you had a pretty strong reaction to what I wrote.That is OK I mean that :slight_smile: What I am discovering through the dialogue process is that strong reactions do and will come up !! This is the most challenging part for most of us. To come face to face with these strong reactions and not immediately suppress them or feel guilty for having them. If I say something quite passionately and you react to it can we both look at it together to find out what is actually going on? Or when you have a strong reaction do I then react to your reaction and so the ‘conditioning’ keeps perpetuating ITSELF?? Do you follow? Is it possible for there to be a space and a stopping in which you and I can begin to look at what is actually happening in our relationship? Or this space is continually filled up with one reaction after another? And to go a little deeper where are all these reactions coming from? Is it the sense of what I know? Have I built an image about you Dev? And have you built an image about ‘Alistair’ ? Can we find out why these images have become so important to us? I have no answers I am afraid :slight_smile: Can we explore this ‘conditioning’ as it arises in our relationship when we meet in dialogue? For me the dialogue process is a mirror in which I can see myself as I actually am…it may not be pretty but I have to face myself as I actually am …warts and all :slight_smile: Is this what K means about being vulnerable? To look at my shallowness, my self-centredness without any escape, without feeling guilty or ashamed or stupid. What happens when I face the FACT of what I actually am ?


Not sure what you are referring to. I have no issue with what you wrote above, for instance. I “agree” with the substance. Since you brought it up though, the condescending undertones - “Do you follow?” , “Today I realized something beyond words!”, etc. - I do find irksome and it detracts from what you are trying to convey.

Maybe you are referring some occasion in the live dialog groups? There I do remember getting annoyed by what I perceived as authoritarian outbursts from you. I have as you say my images just like any one else.

Why do we carry images of ourselves and others if I may ask? Why can we not let them go? Are we aware that these ‘images’ create immense division and sorrow? Why don’t we take responsibility for them and let them go? Do these images that we all carry have anything to do with love?

If love is merely an image, a concept, or an ideal surely it is quite meaningless ?

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