To repeat a lie is not the truth

K once said, “Repeating the truth is a lie”, we cannot reverse that and state that:
To repeat a lie is the truth”.

And yet that seems to be the current state of humanity. Man repeat a lie as many times as you can and then people start thinking there is a kernel of truth in it.

Every advertisement and also the current media storm around Putin and Trump shows that, doesn’t it ?

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The lies that last and become the truth of the liars are those that have a kernel of truth in them.

A pretty meaningless play on words because it doesn’t make anything clear.

Every lie has a kernel of truth in it, namely that it is a lie, but that is precisely what the mass of followers do not realise

Why do you think organized religions have so much repetitions?

That is indeed believing them right, but should we ourselves not also be very vigilant not to fall into repeating K’s words rather than examining our own behaviour?

You can only repeat a lie because truth is not a static thing and can’t be repeated or copied . That is why after K nobody,I mean nobody has done anything like what K did . Having schools around the world , speaking in United Nation , so many books and so on.
If you found someone who even says similar thing like K let us know. Some say Buddha or Jesus said similar things but that is a total lie that they repeat.