Those who met Krishnamurti etc

I never was blessed enough to meet Krishnamurti when he was alive. But i would like to ask if any on here had the privilege of meeting him and if so, what it was like? Did you feel anything in his presence? Did you sense he had no ego? Anything you can share about your interactions? Any insights you got from him?

Also, if anybody has met any Krishnamurti people, those affiliated with the Foundations or those who knew Krishnamurti in person. I would like to hear any interactions or insights with them too.

Krishnamurti himself said something like I would travel to the ends of the earth to meet the disciples of the Buddha to hear what he was like. I would love to know from those who met Krishnamurti, what it was like and what they learned from him.

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Do you mind if I ask a question? Do you find an affinity with what you read or get from K? Is it that you hear it and it rings true? Is it that the content is in someway clear to you, as if it is in your own head, and is new to you? I think this is the nature of the universality of truth. It’s like we don’t have to have an idea about its source, nor think of it as coming from someone, just find the quiet space in the mind, but not of the mind. So we are travelling to hear what its like.

You were lucky Pilgrim to actually be raised in this household and to be able to see Krishnamurti, even once in person. I have read that to be in his presence, at his talks, was even more powerful than reading his books or watching a video. Something about his energy or being or presence is felt during a talk, more than even the words.

Peter, yes I find a affinity to what I read from K, and it rings true, most of it. I am open to Truth from any source, and would love to meet those who knew K in person, and see if they have understood his teachings and are living it. If there are any other Ks out there?

I have watched many videos of those who knew K personally, like Mark Lee, Professor Krishna, Michael Mendizza, Harsh Tankha, etc and they all seem to have a good grasp on the teachings. I do not know if they are living it in their daily lives, what their daily lives look like, if they are transformed or not, but their words, their sharings seem to portray a profound understanding and grasp of Ks teachings.

I am also curious if on here, if anyone feels they have understood the teachings and are living it. If they feel they are transformed in any way. As for myself, I understand some of the teachings but not all of it and I am not able yet to truly live them or put them into practice. There has been small changes, but no major transformation yet.

Are there any former K students on here, from any of the K schools? I would love to hear your experiences there and if the schools are any different than regular schools? If your life is any different than ordinary people from regular schools?

Anybody on here ever visit any of the K schools or K functions, any thoughts or feelings on it?

Anything related to K, whether him himself or those who knew him, I am very interested in hearing and discussing.

I am also interested in hearing what Krishnamurti dialogues are like, like at the K library in Ojai or in Brockwood Park, would love to hear more.

I have been attending these for the last twenty years. What would you like to know?

Thanks Paul, i would like to know what happens at a K dialogue at Brockwood Park? Is it any different than the zoom dialogues on here? Is there any special influence or presence at the K dialogues at Brockwood compared to zoom dialogues here?

Do you know Harsh Tankha, he was a regular at Brockwood I believe, and knew Bohm well. He seems to really grasp Ks teachings well.

I am just interested in all of this K related stuff, sorry about my great passion for wanting to know more, hear more about all of this.

I shall write you a personal message tomorrow, David, with a lot more details.

I can give just a brief description at this time . The first time I saw k I was 5 . My first impression was 1. He seemed like an exquisite statue. 2his body was emanating a yellow light . I would not really know much about him till I was 13, but felt that the school was bathed in some energy , whenever he came . In fact a lot of my classmates and I would instinctively know that he had arrived in the school , without anybody telling us . There was a w
Vast protective energy around him , and the birds sang differently . I told this to a foundation member in America , and his response was that I am romanticizing . I am not . A schoolmate , who had a hole in heart and who was cured by k , swears by the same experience. We were too young to go into romantic imagination . The world was new to us , and as little kids we were absorbing facts .

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Wow, that is fantastic sitanshu, and i believe you, no i dont think you are romanticizing this in any way.

What Krishnamurti school did you go to? Do you feel you are any different than ordinary school children who went to regular schools, because of this education? Do you feel you are more sensitive and less interested in comparison or competition? And now that you are older, any advice or suggestions about how to study or live Krishnamurtis teachings?

True or not this adulation road is a dangerous one to go on. People here in the US see the same kind of stuff in Donald Trump.

There is always dangers Dan. But not sure what adulation exactly you are referring to? Can you be more specific, if possible.

Krishnamurti warned about worshipping the speaker, however, his life story and the Mystery surrounding him, him being the World Teacher, it is hard not to have some sort of awe or mystery about the man.

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If someone wasn’t primed* to react to Krishnamurti’s presence, they might have come away unimpressed, or dismissed him as deluded or a charlatan. But once one has been apprised of his legendary status, one is almost certain to be deeply affected and dazzled by the spectacle of the great man.


Interesting takes on adulation and priming. Just for the record, I welcome all views, pros and cons on Krishnamurti the man, the personality, and have read everything I could, pro and con on him, including the infamous “Lives in the Shadow” by Radha Sloss. I have nothing to defend, not upholding Krishnamurti in any way, but to me, after all these years of reading and research into him, there is still a Mystery surrounding him and what Sitanshu shared, confirms my suspicions about the man, that there was indeed something not ordinary about him, that he was indeed extraordinary in many ways. But all of this is still subject to investigation, inquiry, and is held tentatively.

U.G. Krishnamurti shares his opinion of JK after spending many years with him. Having taken, as he calls his time with JK, the Krishnamurti charter cruise or something like that.

Forget the man and his life. Experiment with what he says and see if it’s true or false.

As you say, “Forget the man and his life and experiment with what he says…”

Yes, and all of this interests me greatly, if anyone has been changed or transformed by his teachings, by what he has said. Is anybody on here transformed?

Hi David.

Why you are much eager in hearing that?

What change it will bring you - if someone said “Yes - I transformed and the teachings changed my life”?

David, do you want to be transformed? Into what? What does “transformation” mean to you, if I may ask?

I am curious, eager to hear from others, what their experience with Krishnamurtis teachings are. It can be used as inspiration, knowing that others have gotten something out of it, that it has changed their lives.

Yes, I want transformation as K talks about, I am not there yet, but I feel I am close, on the verge of breaking through to a life that is not self-centered as he talks about. Transformation is a life without the self.

What if those inspiration - delude you in form of a guide - and so makes you fail to see ‘what-is’?

If it does not deludes - It’s good and let us speak about the ‘transformation’?


  1. When someone speaks something bad about you - to everyone,

  2. When someone sees/treats you as some kind of dirt/untouchable/unwanted/insane being - who doesn’t ‘wants’ your presence and feels that you are some kind of irritating person and ignores you,

  3. When someone praises you - in front of everyone,

  4. When someone (like parents/spouse/children/friend - with whom you are attached more) leaves you in any manner,

What’s your immediate reaction to these four situations?

Please forgive me Viswa, but I am more interested in hearing from others about these issues, than prove something. This discussion is related to Ks teachings and how it has affected you, especially if you met Krishnamurti himself or those who knew him or you went to his school etc.

Me personally, of course I still get angry, irritated, react, puff up when praised, etc. I still have a lot of self tendencies but something about his teachings is working on all of that. I truly get when he says “Love is, when the self is not.”