Think on This 8

In this state of absorbed contemplation, there is no longer any question of holding an object in view; the vision is such that seeing and seen are one; object and act of vision have become identical



Sometimes it feels important to say something and a moment later it doesn’t seem important at all. :grin:

It is important to double check the importance of our pronouncements. (in order to avoid pronouncements like these for example) :innocent:

Anyway, thanks for your quality control - though posting something silly would at least have given others the opportunity to point and snigger.

Far more important than making important pronouncements woud be, in my opinion, to refrain from war and violence.

I usually exercise strict quality control before i post but occasionally i am not paying close enough attention and something silly slips through. It usually gets deleted pretty quickly.

I agree with you about war and violence.

Are we nuts? Is the human race, as a species, mentally unbalanced? Living in disorder and chaos? It certainly seems like it.

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