They dialogue on K

I just started watching their dialogue on K …
In general I like their interaction

PS: I met her in Berkely last spring - in a small gathering, on another topic

“I don’t mind what happens” doesn’t mean I am heartless, that I don’t care - it means that I am “not applying my acquisitive mind” to my experience.

In other words : What I think is happening is habitually just an excuse for discrimination and reaction to that discrimination. The purpose of experience is desire.
I don’t mind what happens arises because we have seen the silliness in the process of suffering.

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“I don’t mind what happens” is not one of my favorite K-quotes. It sounds like bragging or comparing oneself to others.

The fact is that whether one’s response to what happens is conditioned response or intelligent response, one is always responding/reacting to what happens, and that’s always something one is more or less mindful of.

Was K saying that he never gets upset or outraged or shocked or angered or discouraged or depressed or taken aback or bemused or befuddled or confused or whatever by what happens; that he’s so attuned to the ongoing unfolding of events that what’s happening is never out of the blue yet always new?

I watched and shared this recording here cause I find it is interesting to see how 2 people develop a dialogue on K.