The word prevents actual perception

How to communicate without Words?

:face_with_monocle: :exploding_head: :crazy_face:

or the ancient art of mime?

PS. the word hides the actual, as we depend on past knowledge rather than present perception.
the word hides the actual, in the same way that what I see hides what is there - although what is there includes what I see.

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All depends on what you want to communicate.
Words are useful in some cases.
Math is useful in others.
Music, dance, painting…
Face and body expresions…
The way we walk…
Body posture…

In fact the most important stuff should be communicated through the medium of dance.

“The word prevents actual perception” @Shankar

What led you to this conclusion?

Use another medium. Learn to draw, paint, sculpt, dance, sing, etc.

How to communicate without Words?

I don’t know, but apes do this in general. Infact, we are derived from them.

Good question.