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The reason why thought does not end

There is a reason why we think what we think. It is not possible to end thought unless each “type” of thought is resolved.

For instance, fearful thoughts. It is not possible to end fearful thoughts unless we deal with the fear and accept what fear projects (like pain, death etc). Once pain/death/etc is accepted, these kind of thoughts dont come up as frequently, and after some time end completely.

So it is with other types of thoughts. For example, if you have a lot of thoughts related to being praised by a person during last night’s party, then dont think about ending thought. Instead, inquire what that praise means to you, whether you can live without it, etc etc. In other words resolve the causes in you that place a high subjective value to praises. Then once you have resolved this in your mind, you will be surprised that these kinds of thoughts do not arise.

Each “type” of thought must be resolved before that type of thought ends. Once the whole consciousness has been resolved, there will be very few thoughts. So, instead of determining to end thought, we must rather determine to deal with each thought and what it projects. Then, thought will automatically reduce a great deal, and psychological thought may indeed come to an end.

saurab, who is the resolver here? Who is it that is ‘dealing’ with these thoughts as they arise?

There is only “ONE” thought to be meet with, and it contains “EVERYTHING”.

Which is,

"Am I ready to physically die now to feel the TRUTH - by leaving all desires,security,attachments,comforts,pleasures - and ONLY feel the ‘TRUTH’?"

If one is true to this ‘thought/question’ and ready to leave/set aside everything and only ‘serious’ to feel it - then one is free to ‘watch’ or ‘observe’.