The quality of silence is not felt by the brain

This was too beautiful to not share. From Meditations: “The quality of silence is not felt by the brain; it is beyond the brain. Stillness is beyond its range, beyond all imagination, beyond all desire.
As I watched the sea, so very still, I really became part of everything. I was everything.
I was the light, and the beauty of love.
To say “I was a part of everything” is wrong: the word “I” is not adequate because I really wasn’t there. I didn’t exist. There was only that stillness, the beauty, the extraordinary sense of love.
That leaf and that eucalyptus and the blue shining water were not different from me.
The ecstasy of solitude comes when you are not frightened to be alone, no longer belonging to the world or attached to anything. Then it comes silently, and makes a golden path in the very stillness, which was at the beginning, which is now, and which will always be there.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti


Thanks for posting this K-quote.

Since he mentioned “a golden path” I wonder if he said this years before saying that there is no path; that truth is a pathless land.

This is not the description of a method or means of achieving anything whatsoever

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Of course not. I just thought it was interesting that K’s use of “path” underwent a radical transformation from something glorious, to something literally pedestrian.

I couldn’t find a date on this. It was posted on my Facebook and I thought it was beautifully poetic. It reminded me of K being on the threshold of human potential.

Yes, but facebook is notorious for fake news, theories, and other kinds of rubbish.

This was from my Facebook account for K friends. But, I found it! Meditations was published in 1969. The Facebook posting was excerpted from #9.


To continue stating the obvious :

Particular words (such as closet, bark, path etc) that have been used in particular statements (eg. they came out of the closet together) may still be used to convey different ideas in different circumstances (eg. the closet smelt of mothballs)

nb. closets sometimes mean closets, sometimes they don’t.

Anyway, as stillness lingers, possibly due to some habitual revulsion to useless discrimination (ie; awareness as the action of silence/letting go of thought), an oceanic feeling may sometimes arise.

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Thanks. That’s interesting that he used “path” that way after using it the way he did when he dissolved the Order of the Star.