The perversion of self worshippers in the world

What is the nature of self worshiping and narcissism?

having a lot of hurt of course. so calling someone else a narcissist is very easy, and is only a projection of ones own selfishness

So if you call a criminal a murderer it is your projection of yourself being a murderer! !

That’s not what I said is it? If someone is a murderer then calling them that is a fact. But if you’re calling someone a narcissist because they offended you in relationship then it doesn’t have to do with just that person. If that’s not clear to you I’m not sure what is. Examine for once, examiner

Don’t narrow things by attacking the you thing. Try to put yourself aside and read.

Narcissism is a mental illness that is growing exponentially in this country after Trump came into power. .

I wasnt focused on myself. Jesus Christ, im talking to a wall.

What makes more people in the daily base become narcissistic and merely self concern ? Is it the incapability to understand themselves?

Maybe. Lack of awareness?