The path to timelessness: Insight, assignment conditions and strong anticipation

Came across this article on the internet. Pretty dense but for those able to wade through, it might be of interest.

Thank you Emile, only a quick global look was of interest. I’l take my time to go into it deeply.

“A Now is usually not regarded as a mere point which separates the past from the future, but as an extended interval in which multimodal perceptions run together and form an impression. It can thus contain both successive and simultaneous events, which may overlap or form a nested structure: A piano solo, for example, may start with one hand playing successive tones. When the other hand joins in, both simultaneous and successive notes create the temporal matrix of a listener’s Now.”
part two, paragraph 12

If Now is not merely the point between past and future, but an extended interval that may include succession as well as simultaneity, there is a timely element to timelessness. Awareness of succession is not supplanted by simultaneity, but complemented (completed) by it. For all we know, this could be why the brain is bicameral, and how two different processes are united by their difference, no longer divided by the intransigence of one of them.

I must confess I have a kind of phobia for this kind of articles. I have gone through a lot of them in the past but I cannot cope with them anymore. Perhaps it’s my dumbness, or perhaps my mind is too lazy to spend time in something which lack the light of simplicity.

I am with K. when he says that we have to tackle life and its problems with simplicity otherwise we will end up into a mess. So I’m just taking into consideration the extract Inquiry posted here.

Do we need to define or explain what the now is? K. once said that science, with all its innumerable explanations and definitions, has destroyed the sense of mystery. We think we know something just because we can define it or explain it. So the sky, the stars, the majesty of the ocean have no more mystery for us. Everything is given for granted. If something is not yet explained, it will be in future, so we put it aside. There is no more the sense of marvel at the sight of the moon or at the song of a bird. Life has lost its charm.

The now is a mystery and I think it should remain so. We don’t know what the universe is, what is space and what is time, in spite of our definitions. It’s not enough to live it? We are living in the now, we have the sense of time and of space, and we can cope with them even if we don’t know what they are. Our thought has the pretention of understanding something which is far greater than it. We are like a turkey which wants to fly.