The Next Evolution

This is an hour video, if you have the time:The Next Evolutionary Plateau of Consciousness

I couldn’t get past the introduction of the guy…

Tell me, in a nutshell (if you can), what the nut was trying to get across, please.

If you can’t fit it in a nutshell, I’m not convinced you got it.

Get ChatGBT’s take on it.

It about his years of research.

What did he find out from his years of research?

I found his report fascinating and it gave insight into the states of consciousness that Krishnamurti had access to.

Yes, but why give hints if you can provide information that will inform the reader?

Pretend you work for a newspaper writing a column on research into “states of consciousness”, and your task is to attend this lecture, comprehend its content, and inform your readers what new information it brings to what we already know or thought we knew.

Scroll down below the video to get the summary. I was so impressed I ordered one of Dr. Bache’s books. I just don’t have time to write a newspaper account. Sorry, Inquiry.

And my time is too valuable to waste listening to something that can be summarized. Sorry, Ceclata.