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The look of love


What is it?
How does it work?
Why does it matter?

As with any question, there are answers. But I am going to start with, I don’t know, and ask why do I want to know? Isn’t it because I might say there is love in my life, but there is also selfishness, pettiness, greed, violence? So really I am trying to solve a problem. Just like we do throughout the day, everyday, in all our relationships. Do we see this way we love is organised, arranged, ritualistic, and problematic?

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May we assume (like charlie brown faced with lucy and her football) that it is at least of some interest to you (since you ask the question)?

If you are interested, should we be telling you why?

Why are you so interested in acquiring this knowledge?

PS. Of course, Love is the absence of self - but as usual the answer is worthless - seeing the movement of your own self that is asking the question is priceless.

PPS. Lucy thinks she’s very clever every time she pulls the football away

Hi Peter,

Isn’t the problem in rising the question?
If one is Love, the question is silly
If one isn’t one want to become or to know
And there are those who are busy with living an egoistic live and they ask this question out of expanding there ego.

I’ve just came upon a metafoor K ones used:
" A centipede was asked how he knew when to move his 85th leg and thinking about that he could not move a single leg."

Yes. Trying to fix what appears, at times, to be broken.

Yes. I’m interested in love as a phenomenon to be observed and understood.

Part of my Grand Quest to fathom what in tarnation’s goin’ on here.

When we ask why you are interested (Peter is asking the same question), it is in order that one might inquire into the question (into the why of the movement of ourselves) - not in order for you to tell us you are interested because you find it interesting :roll_eyes:

What appears to be broken? You have stated previously that its not you (in your opinion) that is broken.

At times, the clinical distance I (and others) feel towards what-is seems to be a benefit. Other times it seems to be a shortcoming, maybe even a malfunction, hence “broken.” Love plays a role in this, maybe a key one, and I’m interested in learning more about it.

So its all about what I feel and what I want, based on my interpretation of what I know.

And I have heard that acquiring knowledge of this Love business could get me more of the good stuff.

The usual unashamed me, me, me.

If I find Love (which is impossible seeing as I am its opposite) it will stink.

A bit oversimplified, but yeah, sure, close enough: The I wants the yummy. For some I’s that might mean storming the Capitol building, for some contemplating Shankara, for some a one-night stand, and for some working in a soup kitchen.

Keeping it simple seems legit - its not rocket science, and yet is still very hard to grok & accept.

Your example of people storming the Capitol building in order to protect their Democracy is a very apt image.
Very much like wanting love, or wanting the power of understanding love.

Do we all want love? Even sadists, curmudgeons, bullies, nihilists, cold fish?

If we do want love, what is it exactly that we want? Kindness, companionship, sympathy, compassion, acceptance? Why are these so important to us? You can’t eat kindness.

Stop the steal! Gimme all your loving!

PS. All your hugs and kisses too!