. The Limited Brain

Why does the brain have beliefs? Why isn’t it honest enough to know what it doesn’t really know? Is the brain afraid that if it knows how little it knows it will be too indecisive, too uncertain to act, or is this a belief preventing it from finding out? Does the brain understand how its tendency to believe or disbelieve limits it by preventing it from being honest enough to do neither?

Does the brain’s dishonesty have anything to do with desire? Could it be that the brain is under the influence of desire and is too besotted to think rationally, honestly? Could it be that the besotted brain believes it knows what it should and should not do to get what it wants, and is driven and directed by that belief?

If the brain’s dishonesty is caused by desire, its dishonesty can be caused by fear as well (too terrorized to be rational, honest) because desire and fear, though opposites are, for the brain, the same thing: influences that the brain is not immune to for lack of self-knowledge.