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The indivisible

The indivisible.
We think of ourselves as an individual, with a life of our own, having interests, maybe wanting to learn, looking for answers, maybe there is some confusion, or I am unsure. Then we come along to a gathering or a group, and join in with the contributors. Then I am having to parry questions and provide answers and it is very exasperating. There is a complex situation between people, with all their different levels of authority, confidence, arrogance, emotion, cleverness and humility etc, all of that.
This idea of an individual, does not work. It becomes a process of acceptance or denial, compliance or rebellion. The idea of an individual has never been very realistic. I am in a classroom, in a factory, in a club, in an occupation, in a family, and it is about compromise, and complacency.

Then I join in a discussion, a blog, and I find that all my usual ideas, my customs, my beliefs, are a human condition, not especially mine alone. I am being asked to look at the psychology of my thinking.
The place of the so called individual is always in relationship with others, with teachers, with theories and with authority. Does this mean I have to abandon my individuality and subject myself to a commonality? Curiously this is what happens at schools, in the workplace, in society at large, and is a approach taken by most professionals, analysts, educators, gurus etc. Somehow the individual is supposed to cope with this complexity of a false individuality. Unfortunately most professionals don’t care about this fact, and continue to deal with people, to help, as if there is individuality.

But if I look at this thing called individual, you will see it means indivisible. That is, all my thinking, and the way people work within themselves, in the mind, is indivisible. It is the place in the world. There is a psychosis, a craziness, which nearly everyone, and the society, take as real life. With this understanding, that my individuality is false, and my thinking is conditioned, there is the indivisibility of my commonality in the world. I am learning, for myself, and I cannot be helped by another, or with some method.


In the context of what you have written, what does “it is the place of the world” mean?

Is there any other place?

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? Then you may have come across someone’s video telling how they learnt. So people assume the difficulty was overcome by their technique. They don’t see it was their effort and this is peculiar to themselves. The technique came from their serious effort, and really is not transferable. But they make a video explaining the technique.