The Human Predicament?

Our predicament is that we can’t stand each other when what the other stands for isn’t clear. Or to make it personal, I can’t stand you for being convinced, and I can’t stand you for being confused. I can’t stand you (or myself, for that matter), because we’re standing in the way all believers do by never facing our credulity honestly.

What does it take for the credulous brain to wake up its dream of ifself?

I’ll still say hello, no strings attached - and when it gets down to brass tacks, if the other guy keeps acting like a cornered animal, all claws and spitting - should we be surprised? should we start spitting back?

Surely we’re all doing the best we can as frightened broken animals in a world full of pain?
So tomorrow I’ll say hello again, and say : “strange experience this innit? what do you suppose is going on in that noggin’?”

Is that the only, the one and true image of ourselves, or is that the one you identify with?

There are as many images of who/what a human can be as there are beliefs to hold about being human. That’s why self-knowledge is essential, fundamental. Why is it so rare?

Yes - I think thats a helpful description of the human problem (I identify as a human - I stand with my brothers and sisters - no choice in the matter)

Fear has kept me safe, desire has offered me gold - curiosity killed the cat

How noble. You must be proud of yourself.

Fear has kept me safe, desire has offered me gold - curiosity killed the cat

That’s a good one. Except that the cat isn’t dead. You’re not curious enough to find out what it is to be effectively dead.

And sometimes I am full of jealousy and hatred too - good night.

Too polite to show it, and ashamed enough to confess to it when appropriate.

Why make this so personal and violent? Isn’t that already a major problem here?
This forum is full of pride, jealousy and resentment - are the worst of humanity or the desperate the only ones hanging on here. Those that can’t stand being polite and have to lash out?

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More your problem than anyone else’s, it seems.

Many don’t seem to care.

It’s not as important as you make it. Anyone can play by the rules, and anyone can bend them as far as they can be bent before people like you call it poor sportsmanship.

We’re living in an era when the rules matter less than ever; they’re more breakable than flexible these days. There are so many different ways we can organize ourselves now than there ever were, and it’s a free-for-all because no one knows what will grab and hold their attention next. We’re all open to anything that promises something we can believe in. We’re desperate.

Yes Donald Trump might be crowned again by us as the chosen one, but this is nothing special : we used to burn cats for fun, desperation has always led to violence.
We can shit on each other as much as possible (in confused ignorance imo) but saying : “it doesnt hurt me” doesnt make it true

Who is saying “It doesn’t hurt me?”

You’re securely fastened to your values and beliefs, and unlikely to ever question them, so let’s not waste each other’s time.

I am tentatively holding the belief that acting like a jerk (ie. being a bully, imposing our anger, fear, pride, jealousy on others) in dialogue (and in life in general) is deleterious, is a mistake based on ignorance of the processes of self - and demonstrably so.
It is the major problem, the human predicament which you bring up in this thread.
Do you think I should question this belief? Would you like to argue against the proposition - if not, if all you want is to express your anger, then yes we are wasting our time.
Or to put it another way : if all you want is to express the fact that you cannot stand people, then you are succeeding.

Also regarding the question of “importance” in the quality of our relationships (whether it matters how we treat each other) - we shouldn’t imo disregard the relative just because the absolute is out of reach.

The relative gets a bad rap, which is ironic, since the absolute might be a pipe dream! What we know we disparage, what we don’t know we covet. Can’t win. Frikkin’ humans!!! :wink:


My acquisition (somehow) of the absolute (whatever) seems like a definite delusion.

Yes, human acquisitiveness is a given, but is it necessarily a fundamental authority?

I find humans annoying, do I have to tell them how annoying I find them? Does my annoyance have to burn so bright in my bosom? What am I (doing)? Is it not possible to look up from this miserable existence? Or as K might ask : is it not possible to see this miserable existence?

If all you’re hearing from me is anger, you’re more caught up in your own beliefs and values than you’re aware of being.

if all you want is to express the fact that you cannot stand people, then you are succeeding.

You can’t stand people who offend or reject your feelings about how we should express ourselves in this forum, so ask yourself if your notion of proper comportment is superior. If you’re convinced that it is, make your case and, who knows, maybe you’ll make a convert or two.

Acquisitveness is as fundamental an authority as we allow it to be by living the lies (beliefs) we choose to hold.

…and then we burned women accused of practicing witchcraft…