The house of humanity is burning

Apparently we are all ignorant people . Our house is burning and we only care to oppose each other to sustain our egotistic images.

Yes. What would you have to give up in order to ‘love’ the other as yourself?

Maybe we have to give up the seeking for an answer when putting a question?
What does it mean to love one self? Do we love ourselves? Do we love what we know about ourself? This love must be very limited, no? At least it must be fragmented,no? Bits and pieces …
This love is always rooted in the past, isn’t it? Can it be love at all?

If there is ‘no division’, then Love would include everything, wouldn’t it?

I do not know, because it is a big “if”.
The fact is that there is a division, a division that is going on in the world and that we can see with our eyes open.
Sureky, there is no love where there is division. But… what more can I say?
That it is hard to admit that I am contributing to this horrible world when i realise that i am divided too?
What am I to do? I am asking myself, not that you or K will provide me with answer.

If I realise that x is true, then I have admitted that x is true.

If whatever I do leads to more suffering, what am I to do?

And do I really care? Do I really feel that this whole business is of any consequence?

This whole business is my life.
And this life is -as far as i can know- given me once. So - what am i going to do with it?
So yes i do take care of it - at least i think i do.

What I am going to do with it ( my life) implies that there is an observer who can do something with the observed (my life).
There is only observation without the observer . Only observation of my life which is interconnected .

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Also, when we care, it is evident. It is only when we are unsure that we are unsure.

Care and responsibilty, are cast upon us - like our name, and the temperature outside, we don’t choose, so there’s no shame in the matter.

But I think we are constantly being invited to care - and one day we may have to - so its still a good thing that we have encountered the words of K (and Gautama, HuangPo or Huineng - Dogen too, I hear, but he comes across as trippin balls)