The Horror

K: Intelligence does not offer shelter from the struggles and turmoils of life, nor does it give comfort; it only creates understanding.

Can you give a reference for this quote?

“If we can help another to become intelligent, that is all we need do. But that is the most difficult thing in the world, for intelligence does not offer shelter from the struggles and turmoils of life, nor does it give comfort; it only creates understanding. Intelligence is free, untrammelled, without fear or superficiality.” Adyar 1934

Intelligence, per Krishnamurti, is seeing things as they are. Things are often rich with discomfort and struggle and turmoil. Red pill takers beware! Attachment to feeling good, happy, easy going might be the biggest obstacle to awakening. I speak from blue pill experience. :wink:

Is understanding a creation or is it comprehension?
(Sorry to find fault with K’s words, but he wasn’t infallible…especially in 1934)

I watched The Matrix, but remind me what the blue and red pills represented.

If intelligence is subject to discomfort and struggle, how is it any more intelligent than we are? If the brain is capable of seeing things for what they are, wouldn’t such a brain have to be free, beyond these limitations?

Thanks Ceklata for the reference! Maybe Emile could explain his choice of ‘Horror’ for the thread?

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You take the blue pill, things remain as they seem to be. You take the red pill and see what’s real.

Speaking from theory, given my low K-IQ. Intelligence sees the suffering that’s there, in the world, in the minds and hearts of humans. Seeing it doesn’t mean falling prey to it. ?


Psychedelics are risky when one is not ready for “what’s real”. Likewise, the brain has to be ready for transformation, i.e., the red pill.

Not if what the brain sees in looking thusly is that it cannot “be free, cannot go beyond these limitations.” To believe in alchemy is not a mark of intelligence. The intelligent person sees that what he (the brain) is seeing is nothing but an intricate system of thought and cannot be otherwise.

Imaging or projecting that there is something beyond thought that is experienceable is just well… wishful thinking.

And happy times carry the seed of their opposite in their bosom. Everything is transient and in flux.

Krishnamurti’s Law: Where there is division (or distinction) there is bound to be conflict. Conflict is the only constant.

What about the ‘law’ that everything is transient and in flux?

@Inquiry: Is understanding a creation or is it comprehension?


What do you mean by “experienceable”?

Nothing special or esoteric. Everyday human experience.

That which is thought, felt, apprehended, etc. as reality but is actually generated by knowledge.

And behold the royal trifecta: attachment, fear, and incoherence. Welcome to samsara!

Me: Even Buddhas must wash their bowl and repair their underwear. The only difference is that they don’t need to spend much time being confused and conflicted by whats going on.

nb. I’m proposing that the 2 statements mean the same thing.