The fallacy of " krishnamurti said at the end of his life that nobody got it"

This fallacy has been going on merely in the internet and has no truth in it. Nobody got what? Nobody got that the observer is the observed or meditation is not the repetition of words or thought is time? Which one nobody got ?

Just speculation on my part : what if K was fooled by all the people around him?
Question :can K be mistaken? About current events I mean, not about the Teaching.
If all he saw was a sea of bemused and confused faces, conclusions are easily made.

Further speculation : What if intellectual understanding was not enough to really “get it”? This is actually part of the Teaching and maybe where it is lacking, its assumption that the inevitable action of seeing the self, means the death of the self. Of course, K did mention the necessity of immense energy too - So there needs to be both the understanding and something to push you over the precipice.

And to really go out on a limb : Preoccupations with success and failure, arise from identity (and are aggravated by impending cessation/death) - Identity, and the belief in our own importance, are necessary if we are to continue as an entity. I’ll stop here because, to be honest, I don’t get what K and the Teaching was either.

So you think nobody got it? What is that "it"that no one suppository got?

I think that both “its” : whether anyone had been freed by the Teachings, and what these K/Teachings were - were of interest.

I reckon that the idea of “being freed by the Teachings” is a dynamic, ongoing process, which includes intellectual understanding, and ongoing (though probably not continuous) attention to the movement of self as it arises. Where I am unsure, is if there is a necessity of some experience/memory of psychological death. (I’ll go with probably not - the non spectacular freedom from psychological dependance, ie, freedom from belief/thought - is probably available to all of us, without the need for some special kensho type experience)

When krishnamurti talks and explores he uses the question “Have you got it?” many times but that is directly related to what he is talking at the moment. There is no such a thing as “getting” the teachings. You can’t say “I got all of K’s teachings.”. That is narcissism.

Is K saying the same thing over and over again from different angles/topics, or is he talking about a whole load of different subjects?

Is it correct to say that once we have realised that fear does not lead to serenity, we are well on the way to getting the whole movement of fear?

I am going to share here what is my understanding of K’s words.

K might have felt that no one was really (in truth) with him while in a close dialogue or in a public talk. But feeling is not an answer, so K would ask: “Are we together in this ? “ not to be answered but as a wake up call.
This togetherness is …”undetectable” in another. It can’t be proved, or verified how deeply another listens. So K’s question is absolutely natural.
Secondly, when K asked: did you get it ? He implied something like this: “have you just seen the truth with me, as I was conveying it here and now, in this dialogue with you ? Are we seeing it together ? Cause if you did not get it in this very moment it is already “lost” for you.
When K says: no one got it, he meant: truth is a pathless land, truth is new in every moment. So if in a dialogue or public talk no one was in truth with K than no one got it. To get here means seeing in the moment.

K is seeing truth every time he is in a dialogue or public talk, hence expressing that new seeing takes a new shape ( new topic, new angle, new words).

And the truth is: truth is a pathless land. Pathless also means: no time.


So now ‘Inquiry’ will decide what is appropriate to post here and whether someone should just go somewhere else etc.? I flagged this as totally inappropriate.


Dear Inquirer,

You are absolutely right, “my understanding of K’s words” is mine, as stated, and it sounds to others or to all, as a belief.
And it can be a belief for me, as well. Nevertheless this is my current understanding which I wanted to share here in the Forum.
This is the point that K makes: discover for yourself that truth can not be communicated in words.
And yes, I am on my own, and you are on your own, regardless if we are understanding or not, K’s words.
It feels to me I am walking alone in ignorance and in truth.
At the moment I have absolutely no inclination to giving public talks, and indeed I no longer listen to K in the past year, but I do have a call to open Kinfonet Forum or/and attend our K dialogues.
Thank you for your response Inquirer - would you say I should keep silent, and not post in here any personal understandings ?

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I’ve decided for myself that this discussion forum is a mockery when half (most?) of the participants are K-experts at best, and radically transformed at worst. But I may be mistaken. Maybe it’s for anyone familiar with K’s teaching…even if they’re delusional. Why be exclusive?

Then again, maybe it’s possible for those honest enough to question everything they think instead of expressing everything they think they know to form a discussion forum that won’t attract those who need a pulpit.

Watch the movement of thought without choosing any of it. That’s what struck me. If there is a choosing, what is chosen, that is what will “occupy” the mind. The reason an occupied mind is unwanted is because then it is ‘stuck’ with the past. It is stuck with the self image which is the past. The self image is the source of suffering, brutality, killing, etc Some of us are actually interested in finding out if this situation can change while the body/ brain is still alive. Mistakes may be made. Delusion is always possible. There’s no map and no one to ‘follow’. We are on our own. As you are.

Good pep talk. You get it.

The teachings are meant to set man free from the self created prison that most of us live in. There is no formula, no getting it once for all. There is self awareness that K talks about that can free the mind from it’s own ignorance and suffering. There is no such a thing as a person who “got it” which means an action in the past which is finished.

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How do you know? Krishnamurti described it as a mutation, a radical departure from the regimented way the brain has been operating to operating freely.

I was told in the K foundation that k found out a month before he died that he had a terminal cancer. Just imagine what condition a cancer patient has being under pain killers and morphine all day . Hallucinations are inevitable. Clarity fades away and so on.
Telling the truth about K is not by no mean making him into an ideal or an authority.

[quote=“Examiner, post:17, topic:1527”
Telling the truth about K is not by no mean making him into an ideal or an authority.

Why do you believe you know “the truth about K”? What does it matter? K was all about the teaching - not the man.

Thank you! Very perspicacious of you to say so! I shall send you a signed copy of my new book, ‘All the Way with DMcD and K’.

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And I shall send you a copy of my new book, “Loving Yourself to Death”

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I will tell you why if you tell why you wrote the above.