The death of the body is a triviality

Has anyone pondered the implications of this view of JK? I have and it has led for me to some interesting possibilities. Where I heard him say it was in a dialogue with DB in The Ending of Time.
One question for me is, if the human body’s death is trivial, what is it about the human being, if anything, that is not?

The potential of reason and imagination arising in a social animal.

Its already pretty amazing (and awful and scary) but its potential if allowed to love - if freed from fear.

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So the potential for the human is to go beyond the flesh, blood and bone unlike the other nameless ‘trivial’ strings of bodies like the birds, the fish, the mammals, the trees, the plants etc? Are we denying our birthright, squandering our potential…by hanging back with them?

Hanging back in survival mode must end in catastrophe - which does not mean that a bacteria or a bird is somehow a lesser thing than me.

Bacteria gave us life - we should also give back by rising to our potential.

What significance has an animal or a human carcass?
The significance or meaning is in living , exploring and meditating.
Humans worship the dead because they don’t know how to live and love and die.

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‘Lesser’ ‘greater’ is a practical invention of ours. Does it have any validity in the mystery of Nature? The death of the body is trivial in the ‘big picture’? Bodies come and go like a ‘perpetual motion’ machine…we don’t know the ‘purpose’ if any they serve but one thing is certain, they all know how to replicate themselves in spades! (8 billion of us and counting!)

The bodies and their sexual reproduction is a triviality - as in : its been going on for a while now.

Is it true or is the only ‘significance’ there is, what we say it is?

Death is fact of life, but what interests me is how human beings squander and waste the life they have.
If we really lived our lives in fullness then death has another meaning

We did not choose to say anything - life speaks on behalf of all life when it says : don’t kill everyone!

What is “fullness “? Making money, power, fame, enlightenment?

Which is unlikely given all the ‘characters’ nature has come up with?

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The odds do look pretty scary.

No one knows enough to be pessimistic.:nerd_face:

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Could it be any other way in the seemingly ‘corrupt’ situation that exists? The animals lack of greed keeps things in a kind of order. ( I live close to them) They take and do what the body needs: they eat, sleep and procreate…hardly a tolerable existence for a human (who is at the mercy of a seeking, ‘becoming’ self).
What is the ‘fullness’ that you mentioned?

Isn’t it true that for the death of the body to be considered a ‘triviality’, something ‘greater’ must have been found?

You’re implying that “they” (not you) are squandering and wasting “the life they have”.

Is it possible that we squander and waste the lives we have by believing things about ourselves and others?

How wonderful it feels to believe I’m not doing what the others are doing!

The human body’s death is a passing away, and for me this is trivial considering that I cannot have it any other way, it is something I cannot change; what is not trivial for me is to live my life as if I were dead, to go on through life with a dead mind, a mind stuck in time, in knowledge, the past, the conflicts, the pleasures with its pains, the seeking and resisting, etc., etc., etc.; fortunately, this I can change.

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If Krishnamurti did say the death of the body is trivial, then that means he thought the ego survives the death of the body - because there’s no way he regarded the death of the ego as trivial. That also means that he didn’t think the body or brain is the real source of the ego, and therefore not the source of thought either.

What I got from ‘trivial’ is that we are not a thing. Our big brain gives us possibilities of ‘connection’ with the ‘Universal Mind’ that the other life forms don’t have? If that is so, and it’s not realized in this lifetime, that that is a tragedy. The ‘self-image’ is a ‘blockage’ and keeps us stuck between the ‘apes and the angels’!…so lives come and go and are no more significant than the leaves falling from the trees each season. What is ‘significant’ as I hear it, is this potential ability of us to make this ‘impersonal’ connection and “participate in the Immensity “?

How do you know you can change if you haven’t changed?

Isn’t living with the belief (not to mention the hope) that I may undergo transformation, a trivial life?