The Brain

If the brain can do what it cannot presently do
By awakening to what it is constantly doing,
Has it forgotten how to awaken?
Did it ever know?
Or has it swallowed the key to its prison
To postpone the unthinkable?

Will the brain cough up the key before it loses its marbles?
Are the marbles the key?

Maybe the loss of them is? Maybe awakening involves great, profound, heart/soul-breaking loss.

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The sleeping, dreaming brain is what it doesn’t know and can’t imagine, doing all it can to approximate sanity without seeing the insanity it is demonstrating.

Can the sleeping, dreaming brain be lucid enough to know that there’s nothing to fear beyond belief?

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Lucid enough to see that the Nature norm it finds itself in is, eat, sleep, excrete, replicate, repeat…all the rest is its own marvelous invention?

Even the psychological thought / fear.

The brain has been desensitized by the almost continuous presence of thought. By bringing attention to one’s thought, can that sensitivity be awakened? And can it realize as it becomes sensitive, that psychological thought IS fear?

Having one focussed goal (my satisfaction) has desensitized me from everything else.
Intelligence thrives on connection.
Opening up to the infinity of relationships in every instant is true fulfillment.

But first I must see that suffering is the entirety of pain.

Is this true? It sounds to me like a platitude.

But first I must see that suffering is the entirety of pain.

I don’t know what this means. Please explain.

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