The Beginning and the End

There is no approach to love. I might find myself with compassion and understanding, and want to share this, or at least to help people where I find they are off track. Being at a gathering there is of course someone speaking. I might realise there is a habit to listen for a connection with the words and in knowledge. I might realise this is repetition of knowledge and offer insights. But the usual understanding of people is the approach of a meeting of self centers, with all their personal ideas and experiences. Invariably, comments are taken to be another self center, and even insights are automatically reduced to gathering more information based in knowledge. This is the habit of people talking together.

What can be done, we ask? Fundamentally, love is the sharing without boundaries. Not my love, his or her love, not an articulated love, but a boundless love. This compassion might be in your life and you can share it with friends, in a group, in a place of work, but this is a deep quality of love and the sharing is in the nature of love. It is not in any program, not in any plan, it doesn’t have a formula, and there can be no self perspective. Talk about it and share together, but the essentially it is being with love, a religiousness, free of a self center.

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If I admit I know nothing about love, compassion, “religiousness” beyond the definitions of those words, can you admit that you might be imagining what those words represent?

Thinking it is words, is not thinking at all.

Were human brains entirely free of a centre would there even be a requirement for verbal communication much? When I am undoing a knot, I have to use the substance that knot is, unless I am to perform telekinesis.

Working with knots, with rope, string, shoelaces, is not the self center, except if if you are in a hurry, or it is something emotional.

Then what is the self centre for you? What do you see is involved in its resolution if such there be?

There is a self center when I want to accumulate knowledge, or I associate with the thoughts, like in an identity. It is a cultivation.

Thinking one knows what the words signify is not knowing at all.

Think about it.
"Thinking one knows what the words signify IS knowing. "

I, self, experiences life, and has a perception of life as its own. I, self, is then charged with the matter of solving life’s problems, that is, as if they are its own. When it is seen that there is the world at large, there is not I, me, alone, but a whole world of humans, then it is seen that the I, self, is its own fragmented condition, a false image of divided from the world. It is stuck working for itself, and others congregate around this self image. Using the methods acquired through division, repeating the ways of the fragmented self, this is the unsolvable human problem.

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With all due respect, knowing what the words signify is not “thinking one knows”.

I wasn’t making any distinction. All this adversity is pointless. I’d think you be better off not reading my postings. OK?

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The me, I, self, is not separate.


The love we are talking about is a love with all of us. To think of it between people, is the self centered thinking, and is the breakdown of love. I can’t conceive of a love that is not between people, but I can understand there is this concept, and it requires an application. That’s what we work at: flirting, dating, romancing, marriage, etc. and the attachment we have to someone, and to our family. This is all a tradition and social convention which we work at, and call love. The religions also talk about love. So can I see there is this concept? Can I see it is the concept I am trying to fulfill?

Does this understanding bring an end to the work with this thing called love? Isn’t there now an understanding love is something different; not my work, not my application, and not something of a social format? Don’t I stop thinking about getting others to meet with me to fulfil a love agenda? Don’t I realise it is nothing of mine? The sharing is in the nature of living together on the planet with the plants, trees, birds, animals and human beings.

The conditioned mind pretends to know something of love because admitting it knows nothing of love is acknowledging the self-imposed limitation of its condition.

Saying it is self-imposition is that clever mind again playing games. It is a psychological control. All we have to do is see, carefully, the other is not separate. It is not a separate speaking and writing.

“[we are not] separate [people] speaking and writing”.

how else would I, as Philip, be able to understand and restate what I, as Peter, “have” said?

The understanding is not labelled his or her understanding, it is understanding shared.