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Symbols, a topic for Wednesday dialogue?

Seeing the state opening of parliament UK here today, surely it’s astonishing to see this attachment to ‘symbolism ‘/ ‘symbols’ ! I don’t think I need to describe!!!
However… all of this isn’t something that is totally distant from you and I … and wherever/ whenever we are in the world?!
We may have freed ourselves from attachment to these obvious symbols … which can easily be seen as attachment to authority .
I’m suggesting we may be attached to far more subtle symbols.
Language itself is a method of using symbols in prefer to communicate.
We appear to need symbols in very practical, necessary living.
Seeing at the very obvious psychological attachment to the symbols of power in society must be clear to most of us… but I’d suggest that we may be deeply attached to more subtle forms of psychologically based symbols, that may be difficult for us to be aware of as they arise, -and which may be common to all… within human consciousness .

Sounds like a fruitful topic for discussion.

Thought seems to work pretty much exclusively with symbols: ideas, images, concepts. Awareness serves sensory impressions up and thought grabs them, interprets them, stores them, dismisses them, whatever.

I can aware what is happening here/now … but I can’t think it.

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