There is a living energy in the world. When we use the word energy it can be taken to mean an experience of energy, like a power, with a practitioners ability. So if we are saying there is a feeling of energy, it might not be understood to mean a living energy of the world. It might be mistaken for a position of power. Nearly everything you can read about meditation puts it in these terms of an ability or a practice with a result, acting in a position of power, even if we call it relaxed, peaceful. It occurs to me, another way to put it, is to call it streaming. While this word comes from a way to watch videos, I think it can be used to reflect the meditation where I am not separate, not a practitioner, acting in a position. It is a meditation, moving effortlessly, integrated with the flow of a living energy, or, streaming.

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Sir, can I ask a question.

In what sense you are talking about energy?

As I know, “ENERGY” is a term quantifying the capacity of doing the work, which is scientific. In the present context you are talking about something else, which I do not know.

Can you explain in a simple way, such that everyone will understand?

Please share your view :slight_smile:

Really? You want to know more about energy? What do you feel when you are meditating?

That’s why I asked you. Sir

I know scientifically.

I feel nothing, when I am meditating.

In what sense you are talking about energy?

What do we mean by the word integrate? In the dictionary it means, 1. to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole : unite. 2a. to incorporate into a larger unit. b. to unite with something else. 3. to end the segregation of and bring into equal membership in society or an organization.
Ordinarily it implies a step away from something, towards something. This is the action of self, real or conceptual. We might not think about all this activity, taking it all for granted. I am tired, and I sleep. I am hungry and I eat. I want to know more, so I study. We don’t think about what we are stepping away from, what we are dealing with, there is a result and it just happens as we think is normal.
But how can you integrate with segregation? Something very strange is taking place. It is conformity, without understanding there is segregation, and is not integration at all. Perhaps a better word is fragmentation. We may think of it as informed, and a choice, and we have self expression, and think of cohesion, confidence, and role and purpose, as self evident, but it is all a part we play in a fragmented existence.

I wonder why people do not see the responsibility of themselves as the thinker, and only see responsibility is in their way of thinking, their cleverness and self expression?

I can’t think of another word, energy, not as a thing, but as a first hand experience, like seeing the wild animals, or vibrant color of the sky, and there is a shared living movement. It is a meditation.