Stop the Bubble Machine*

“We are self-centred human beings. Our activities are centred in ourselves, and we act from there. This self-centred activity is a process of isolation, each person seeking their fulfilment, ambition, pleasure and importance.”
Public Talk 6 in Madras (Chennai), 6 January 1980

It’s a harsh, cruel world for most of us, but many of us can afford to reside in a bubble of confidence, if not contentment. In this bubble, we can aspire to living without this bubble, seeing as how this bubble is what enables us to behave so badly and create a world so awful that we have to inhabit a bubble of babble to bear this untenable condition.


Instead of the usual confidence with which you insert personal claims of perfection, one example can be seen here,



[quote=“Sean, post:34, topic:501”]
I am not watchful enough to always be aware of thought as it arises. Are you saying that you are?

I’m not saying it, but it’s implied.

, amid the babble of explanations (too many to list) you offer others on a daily basis, and the various directives you issue others, this post however stands out.

It seems you are speaking from experience this time! Please accept this one’s condolences for how you perceive the world and how you live.