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Stop Making Sense?

K: The power to create illusion is vastly more significant to understand than to understand reality.


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Dear Dev, indeed and that is what we should do in the dialogues. Best wishes, Erik

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Yes - the power to create illusion is practically endless. And many of our illusions are very powerful: the illusion of time, of tomorrow, of the ideal hoped for future; the illusion of separateness; the various illusions of knowledge (belief, experience, achievement).

But of course, to truly see an illusion (as an illusion) is to see through it completely. So can I watch my illusions without making the complete seeing of them (which is insight) into a further illusion?

That is one question anyway.

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A consideration from last night:
Fear is the guardian whose principal function
is to hide the illusion
that deceiving oneself and others
is the only safe way meet the world.

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For those of us who have stepped away from nationalism and any explicit religious identification, it can sometimes be forgotten or ignored how deeply and powerfully these identities - which are illusions - still control large swathes of humanity the world over.

Nationalism is still the strongest, most powerful force in political life; and religions still find support and nourishment from millions of people who are otherwise educated to be skeptical.

The sheer power of illusion is evidenced in the force that nationalism and religion still have in our collective consciousness.