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Special states of consciousness

Is it worth inquiring into so called moments of enlightenment? Weird states of consciousness? Insight experiences? Or should they be kept personal?

I imagine the Christian believer who has gone through something weird, out of the ordinary and difficult to explain when compared to what we usually experience - and concludes that they have had a “personal experience with God/proof of the divine”.
Is it healthy (psychologically) to have some secret, personal truth, that proves to myself that what I have concluded to be true, is definitely true?
Or is all dogma a burden, no matter how wonderful, no matter how much security it procures?

Subsidiary question : is there such a thing as a special state of consciousness that doesn’t seem special at all? For example, can the movement of fear subside, and whatever sensation be left to die also, quite simply, without any notion of the spectacular?( or maybe this extra question can be more tidily addressed here )