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“We saw that silence is really helping the new generated cells to differentiate into neurons, and integrate into the system.”

It is interesting to note what K referred to in 1933 as ‘eternal becoming that was ecstasy to him’ was described in a1980 dialogue with Bohm as ‘timeless movement in silence’ .

With maturity, Krishnamurti realized it would be better to quit gushing about his experience and describe it in dispassionate scientific terms.

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Darkness is the absence of light. Is silence absence or presence?


K: “When there is silence, in that silence there is no becoming. You cannot become silent. If you make an effort to become silent, it is merely the continuity of an activity, which you call silence now but which you called pain previously. So the understanding of becoming is the beginning of silence, and that silence is the state of being, the total understanding of man’s process; and that being is the revolution, the total transformation of one’s being; and then only is there a possibility of that which is timeless to come into being.” 10th of February 1954, Bombay

Silence may be understood as absence of noise. But, in the universe and in our mind and body there can never be absolute silence. Many sounds are beyond our capacity to hear.