I live for the love of Something
Since living for its own sake is its own reward
And I must be rewarded for my steadfast belief in my self

Would I cease to believe I know who I am/should be if I ceased to think?
I would think so

And there is the hamster wheel in which we devotees of non-dualism exhaust ourselves running!

If only our exercise was as harmless and exploitable (kinetic energy) as is a hamster’s.

Good idea: Nerve power! Anxiety->energy generators that use our nervousness to drive our dishwashers and blenders! Fear/anger-propelled cars! Elon Musk are you listening?

The fear/anger propulsion should not be used in automobiles!
Save it for repetitive work that needs more steadiness and endurance than attention and judgment.

Joie de sublimation! Rather than let the fear/anger/desire energy do harm, channel it.