Self Talk

“We are all fragmented,” Fernyhough writes. “There is no unitary self. We are all in pieces, struggling to create the illusion of a coherent ‘me’ from moment to moment.”

This was interesting to read. What’s behind this struggle “to create the illusion of a coherent ‘me’”?

Can a coherent or ‘whole’ me ever be created from parts or fragments? Or over time?

That’s the question, isn’t it.

We know there’s pressure from those we live with, and from society at large wherein everyone, it seems, is acting in accord with what they believe to be true rather than having no choice but to face facts every moment. And this pressure is imposed from birth upon a brain too young to withstand it.

One is born into an atmosphere of lies, distortions, and confusion, and unless one is born with an incorruptible brain, one inevitably finds one’s comfort zone in this world of falsehood, misunderstanding, and confusion.

I do not know what a coherent me might be and you don’t know either, I suppose.
You mention that it is illusionary, so why then bother about and even struggle?
An illusion is generally understood as sthg that is not real. But it has another
More original meaning nl. A playing with ideas. Does it ring a bell?

So, are we playing with ideas? We might as well. But … how will we find out, whether we are doing it or not? Whether we are living in an illusion or not? Is there an entity that will tell us?
And will we take it as true? Will we abide by it? I guess we won’t.
So … we are back at zero.
Is it possible to continue from point zero? From not knowing? I am inclined to believe that is possible but i don’t know where this believe comes from.
Am i stuck in words or does it make sense?
On Kinfonet we have only words, we don’t see each other, we have no contact via the senses, only words …
Might this not be too limited?

“Too limited” for what? Here you can share your questions, insights, discoveries about yourself , about your understanding of Krishnamurti, etc with interested people from around the world…at any time of day and right from where you are! Every situation has its pros and cons so make the best use you can of this forum while it’s still here…nothing lasts.

Words are ideas, aren’t they? We live with ideas because it is easy. To be a great person is difficult but to think that one is great is easy. Thought is illusion because it springs from the past experiences. Memory is the storehouse of illusions.

No, words are symbols used to represent things like ‘tree’ or ‘cloud’. Ideas are formulated thoughts or opinions.

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What in your opinion is a “great person”?

One makes use of them to form an idea. One uses them to think. And yes, the are stored in memory.
So far I am with you.
But when i bring these words into use or you bring them into use, what happens then?

Thought itself formulates the ideas using syntax and association based on the knowledge stored in memory. They can then be verbalized or not. There is no actual ‘me’ or ‘you’ separate from the thinking process. K suggests that thought itself ‘projects’ a thinker but the thinker (me) is actually illusory.

As I said, the evidence shows that we are living the lies, the beliefs we hold and identify with rather than living with choiceless awareness, direct perception, observation. Isn’t this obvious?

The point is not about being a great person with dignity and so on . The point is about ideas being easily available for people to identify with.