“Self-knowledge is cultivated through the individual’s search of himself.”
Krishnamurti, Ojai, 1944

Do I search myself the same way I search anything I know I must learn about and understand? Or do I assume I know myself well enough to proceed as usual because I don’t care to find out if my knowledge is mostly beliefs and unquestioned assumptions, or that my reasoning can be more sophistic than honest? Do I question my opinions, prejudices, biases, or do I pretend I don’t have any? Am I constantly aware of the content that comprises I?

I don’t think we will be able to out-clever ourself. So give up any hope there.
I don’t think we can be certain that any of our theoretical models are complete - in fact we can be certain of the contrary - so we cannot cling to any - no hope there.
So we will be wrong - forgiveness and compassion for the ignorant hopeless fool that I am seems essential.

If I look closely at what I have said, and the attitude with which it was said - I already have a picture of what I was in that moment.

Look at your questions and the person who asked them. That’s a start, no?

It isn’t about being clever. It’s about learning, discovering, finding out. But if one has concluded that one can’t learn, discover, find out, as effectively as one can deny and refute, you have out-clevered yourself.

Actually, you may be right - the problem may be that we are too clever - we can out clever ourselves too easily in fact :crazy_face: :joy: