Is having a self-image useful at all?

Say that I have a self-image that I am a successful man and somebody tells me that you are a failure, and that somebody happens to be Krishnamurti !

Maybe you’d listen and maybe you wouldn’t.
But I doubt that he would be so rude.

K said that I am responsible for the wars (mass murderers ) that is going on in the world.
Isn’t that the worst?

It is interesting how limited we are in our minds.
We get new informations from very few sources and think that we got it.

What I need to know is how in my daily living I contribute to wars in the world? I personally have a hard time killing an annoying fly, how am I responsible for the mass murderers?

Anyone who is of the world, participates of the world, and contributes to the mess of the world—this is implicit in having a self-image. To be aware of what is going on in the world is more important than what is going on in the world, or to do anything about it.

I agree , How you look at life matters . Most of us don’t know how to look. K points out how to look without the background, the observer.

Most people are incapable to doing that because of attachment to their conclusions and beliefs which are out of anxiety.