Seeking life partner who is into K's teaching and practice

I hope it is not an awkward post. I am a 46-year-old single male originally from East Asian. I have been in USA for last 20 years. I am very well educated and established professionally and financially. I am looking for woman who may be in K’s teaching and practice K’s method for joining me as a life partner. Please reply to this thread if anyone, who is in similar situation. any suggestions on how to connect and find more people who are into K’s teaching or single. If you do not like this post then please ignore it. Thank you

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I like this post very much on account of its directness. I wish you success in your search.


I suggest you to apply to the Krishnamurti Foundation in US: or even the one in India:


Let me ask … Does anyone here think that it would not be polite to respectfully look at the original post a little closer regardless of its actual purpose and of course, without disrespecting nor judge the original poster? What do you think, @manishshriv?

I’ve thoroughly examined it and it looks like another middle aged man seeking a woman. Do you suspect there’s more to it? Something sinister, perhaps?

Oh no, @Inquiry. I just found it interesting look at this more closely…

…in the sense of what the mind really hopes to find in this search for the ideal partner, with the addition in this case that this partner is a follower of K. Trying to also look closely at this phrase: “practice K’s method”.

I think it might be interesting to observe all this, but I was not sure that this did not turn into a judgment of @manishshriv in the end. That’s why I asked the question, to know the opinion of others (especially that of @manishshriv ), before doing something that might not be somehow “proper” and that this could create discomfort somehow in @manishshriv.

@fraggle, I know you try to poke on me. Please be assured that I am a true seeker of truth and really working to find a like minded partner. Please make no judgement, fun or humor. Thank you