Saturday dialogue june 3/4,2023: transformation

Saturday Kinfonet Question: What is Meant by Transformation?

Krishnamurti on Transformation:

Transformation is not in the future, can never be in the future. It can only be now, from moment to moment. So what do we mean by transformation? Surely it is very simple: seeing the false as the false and the truth as the true. Seeing the truth in the false and seeing the false in that which has been accepted as truth.

Seeing the false as the false and the true as the true is transformation, because when you see something very clearly as the truth that truth liberates. When you see that something is false, that false thing drops away.

When you see that ceremonies are mere vein repetitions, when you see the truth of it and do not justify it, there is transformation, is there not?, because another bondage is gone. When you see that class distinction is false, that it creates conflict, creates misery, division between people - when you see the truth of it, that very truth liberates. The very perception of that truth is transformation, is it not? As we are surrounded by so much that is false, perceiving the falseness from moment to moment is transformation. Truth is not cumulative. It is from moment to moment.

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Reference for quote on Transformation: The First and Last Freedom, 1975, p. 286.


K: " If you begin to experiment with yourself, you will see a curious transformation taking place. In the moment of highest confusion there is clarity; in the moment of greatest fear there is love. You must come to it spontaneously, without the exertion of will."

Thanks for this quote Ruth. Iā€™m adding the quote of the day from the Kinfonet homepage as well:

To be in conflict and at the same time to be vibrantly still, neither accepting nor denying it, is not easy.

J. Krishnamurti
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