SATURDAY DIALOGUE June 17 (18), 2023 - Meeting in Emptiness

Kinfonet Dialogue Question: Looking now, is it possible to meet in emptiness as a community? What might that mean?

This week there won’t be a video or quote unless someone wants to bring one. if you do have something you’d like to present, you can be made a cohost to share the screen.

Zoom Info & Link:

Date: Saturday June 17 (Sunday June 18 in E Asia, OZ, NZ)
Time: Dialogue I at 3 PM UTC
Dialogue II at 11 PM UTC
See the attached Schedule for the time in your time zone
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Duration: 2 hours

Join: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 899 4119 3018
Passcode: 641528


POSTPONEMENT: There has been a change of schedule for Terry O’Connor and Kathy Franklin. They will be guest facilitating July 1 (2) instead of this coming weekend. So this week, I’ll be hosting as usual. John


Sorry I can’t attend this weekend.

I propose this theme - the text was published by KFA/The Immeasurable - I copied the extras, and created the attached file.
PS: Hopefully I will be able to attend the dialogue, but I am not 100% sure, as I am in Romania and a bit busy in the evening.

@crina there already is a proposed theme which is : “Meeting in emptiness” Is it possible to meet in emptiness as a community? what would that mean?

Of course, some might argue that wholeness and emptiness are synonyms. That to perceive the whole is to see that “separate things” are merely conceptual?

Personally, my goal during the dialogue shall be to use the expression “meeting space to space” as nonchalantly as possible :clown_face:

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