Saturday 12-17-2022 Kinfonet Topic: Meditation on Sorrow

Saturday Kinfonet Topic: MEDITATION ON SORROW

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Last week we considered “indifference", not the cold, callous indifference of blocking out what we don’t want to see, but in another sense suggested by Krishnamurti, an indifference with care.

With indifferent care and sense of balanced observation can we look into the topic of “sorrow"? and see what happens when we look at it together?

Please note in the second attached quote, K’s suggestion of indifference with the words "listening - unemotionally, not sentimentally”.

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Krishnamurti on Sorrow:

Sorrow is grief, uncertainty, the feeling of complete loneliness. There is the sorrow of death, the sorrow of not being able to fulfil oneself, the sorrow of not being recognized, the sorrow of loving and not being loved in return. There are innumerable forms of sorrow, and it seems to me that without understanding sorrow, there is no end to conflict, to misery, to the everyday travail of corruption and deterioration. There is conscious sorrow, and there is also unconscious sorrow, the sorrow that seems to have no basis, no immediate cause. Most of us know conscious sorrow, and we also know how to deal with it. Either we run away from it through religious belief or we rationalize it, or we take some kind of drug, whether intellectual or physical; or we bemuse ourselves with words, with amusements, with superficial entertainment. We do all this, and yet we cannot get away from conscious sorrow. Then there is the unconscious sorrow that we have inherited through the centuries. Man has always sought to overcome this extraordinary thing called sorrow, grief, misery; but even when we are superficially happy and have everything we want, deep down in the unconscious there are still the roots of sorrow. So when we talk about the ending of sorrow, we mean the ending of all sorrow, both conscious and unconscious. To end sorrow one must have a very clear, very simple mind. Simplicity is not a mere idea. To be simple demands a great deal of intelligence and sensitivity. - J. Krishnamurti

It would be a marvelous thing if in the process of your listening - unemotionally, not sentimentally - to what is being said…you could really understand sorrow and be totally free of it; because then there would be no self-deception, no illusions, no anxieties, no fear, and the brain could function clearly, sharply, logically. And then, perhaps, one would know what love is. - Book of Life

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