Saturday Kinfonet Question: Are we aware of the minute observation that is sensitivity?

As announced in previous emails, this Saturday (Sunday in some parts of the world) we’ll start having 2 dialogues instead of one. We’ve named them Dialogue I and Dialogue II.

Dialogue I is an ongoing group that has been meeting since November of 2022. Dialogue II starts this week and will be held 8 hours later than Dialogue I so that folks from countries in the longitudes of east Asia and Australia can join.

Before each scheduled dialogue, an announcement of the topic will be posted on the forum; and will also be emailed to all registrants. If you’re not receiving the announcements and would like them emailed to you, please let me know via the forum messaging system or by emailing me at:

This weekend we’ll be discussing the topic of sensitivity and start by reading the same quote we read for Dialogue I on April 15th. This will be a new topic for Dialogue II.

I’m hoping we can focus on the “minute observation” of sensitivity that Krishnamurti talked about in this quote.

Welcome all newcomers and oldcomers. Looking forward to another interesting and meaningful conversation together,


Krishnamurti on Sensitivity:

Just listen, watch all the activities of yourself: the way you talk, the way you eat, the way you walk. Don’t correct the walk, don’t correct the way you eat, just watch it, so that by the very watching, you become astonishingly sensitive. This requires great sensitivity and therefore great intelligence. Not conclusions, not experience, but intelligence. To be intelligent you need tremendous sensitivity. There can be sensitivity only when the body is also sensitive - how you observe, see, hear. Then, out of that minute observation, without any choice, without any evaluation or judgment, condemnation or comparison, just to observe - out of that observation, you will see that your body becomes extraordinarily alert, sensitive, and therefore the whole of your brain, the mind, the whole of your entity becomes sensitive.

Saanen 1966, Public Talk 2

Zoom Info & Link:

Date: Saturday May 6 / Sunday May 7
Time: Dialogue I at 3 PM UTC
Dialogue II at 11 PM UTC
See the attached Schedule for the time in your time zone

Duration: 2 hours

Join: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 899 4119 3018
Passcode: 641528


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Sorry the announced date for the dialogue was wrong. Its should read May 6/7.