Saturday Kinfonet Question: Will be presented at the dialogue.

Thanks to the participants of the first session of Kinfonet Dialogue II for joining our group two weeks ago. We’re grateful for the gift of your participation.

Last time we covered a lot of territory around the topic of sensitivity, and we could keep on going with that topic; there’s so much there to explore. But let’s set it aside for now and move into something else.

At the beginning of each dialogue we usually start off with a video or quote. But this week we’re not going to have one. This is so we can look at something anew without any influence.

The topic will be something about “Reaction” but the question is being withheld until we hold the dialogues. This is so we can look at the question in the moment, without thinking about it in advance.

Let’s see how it goes….!

See you this weekend,


Zoom Info & Link:

Date: Saturday May 20 / Sunday May 21
Time: Dialogue I at 3 PM UTC
Dialogue II at 11 PM UTC
Time zone table attached

Duration: 2 hours

Join: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 899 4119 3018
Passcode: 641528


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