SAT DIALOGUE Mar 18, 2023: Space, Silence, and the Conditioned Mind

Saturday Kinfonet Question: Is there a Relationship between Space, Silence, and the Conditioned Mind?

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Krishnamurti on Space, Silence, and Conditioning:

Space and silence are necessary to go beyond the limitations of consciousness, but how can a mind which is so endlessly active in its self-interest be quiet? Krishnamurti, Freedom From the Known

You see, when the mind is totally aware of its conditioning, there is only the mind; there is no ‘you’ separate from the mind. But, when the mind is only partially aware of its conditioning, it divides itself, it dislikes its conditioning or says it is a good thing; and, as long as there is condemnation, judgment, or comparison, there is incomplete understanding of conditioning, and therefore the perpetuation of that conditioning. Whereas, if the mind is aware of its conditioning without condemning or judging, but merely watching it, then there is a total perception, and you will find, if you so perceive it, that the mind frees itself from that conditioning. Collected Works, Vol. VIII - 266

When you struggle against disturbance, or defend yourself against outer or inner threat, you know you are conditioned. Krishnamurti, Freedom From the Known

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