SAT DIALOGUE Feb 18, 2023: Is it possible to communicate from emptiness?

Can we communicate from emptiness right now? Is it possible to communicate from a source not of the self?

Krishnamurti on Emptiness:

…can the mind be aware of that emptiness without naming it, without running away from it, without judging it, but just be with it? Because, then, that is the mind. Then there is not an observer looking at it; there is no censor who condemns it; there is only that state of emptiness… (Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. IX, 23)

Krishnamurti on Communication:

Communication means both of us seeing the same thing, at the same moment, at the same level. (Seminar 5 Brockwood Park, England, September 15, 1981)

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To the question : “what is it that is freed from self?” we must step back from the words and just understand that the “self” is a process, that either dominates experience or not.

I might have a notion of what “something free of the self” means. “Freed from” the self sounds different; what are you intending to convey?

I wasn’t intending the free/freed aspect to be the focus of the inquiry.

But I was kinda pointing out that we do get caught up in the words themselves.

This is a question that keeps coming up in the group dialogue, for example when “freedom from self” is being discussed. Language plays a part in our confusion.
So do concepts : We say there is no self, then wonder what it is that is free.

just that the “self” is a process, that either dominates experience or not.

Is there just a sense of freedom inherent in the looking and in the questioning to see what arises? not a thing being free?

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That sounds fine - although I’m getting caught up in the words now : rather than a “sense of freedom” I would say “not being completely overwhelmed by the experience” by being aware of the experience, realising what experience is taking place.

Awareness of the experience changes the experience - frees us from what is no more.