Putting away ideals

Putting away all prejudice must also come with putting away all attachments. Most notably psychological attachment, to beliefs ideals, systems of thought etc. Including, not using what krishnamurti has said as a model to support an ideal. This can be tricky because we are all used to resting on a foundation of thought. It gives one a sense of security and identity. Though his reasonings were open-ended, as to withdrawal from conclusion making, it’s still possible for someone to create an ideal out of it. So, my question is, do people here who have listened to him really understand what he meant by not having a system or being bound by ideal? Or, do some here unintentionally establish a system in the name of none and listen to him like their guru? Which is the same thing as making one. An ideal is an ideal, a system or methodology is self contained.

I see that the part of me which wants to create a foundation is egocentric. A part of me which looks at the violence of the world and feels disdain, even deep hatred.

Yes I understand not to make an ideal or a system out of anything he said. There is that danger, of course though and many do make it.

And no, I do not listen to him like my Guru. I am my own Teacher and own disciple.

Can you give us an example of someone in this group who looks at K as a guru please(I can’t find one myself)?

I have been listening to K since around age 12 - so at first I didn’t really understand what he was saying nor even why - then as a young adult, nearly all the stuff he said that I could understand intellectually seemed to make sense, seemed logically sound.

Then I had an insight - a realisation that all my experience was of my own making - an insight that had absolutely nothing to do with any intellectual analysis - though I suspect that the psychological conditioning of K and zen teachings might have played an important role.
And only after that experience did most of what K says seem quite obvious and simple. And of course, there is no need for any system.

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The brain has been conditioned to find and cling to ideals and systems. Being ‘silent’ or being ‘empty’ made no sense when the pursuit of goals was seen by it as the way to total security. Now that has been seen through and the rock solid notion of psychological time is in question. There is work to be done and each brain that is interested has to find its own approach. As I see it the ‘work’ is to become aware of the ‘trap’ I am currently in and to come out of it. One can’t pull another out but the possibility of seeing it in relationship exists.

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I didn’t assert anyone did, did i? I was merely asking the community

Yes, but there’s nothing to “come out of” since I am the trap.

So ‘you’ stay in it.

No. You are it…

Yes I agree. ‘You have to pull yourself out of the trap you’re in ‘ is just a way of communicating the idea. You are the trap you’re in.

And to watch it in real-time, so it is an intense fact. You weren’t wrong, we have to communicate with ideas. Just the idea cant give someone the intensity

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Sorry to belabor this, but there is no me apart from the trap, no one gets out. The trap ceases to exist or not.

Right, the habit, the belief, the attachment continues until it doesn’t. A trap doesn’t see itself as a ‘trap’. But once the truth is seen that it IS a trap, it can ‘dissolve’, lose its energy, ‘let go’. As has been pointed out: “ the seeing is the doing”.

The trap doesn’t see itself as a trap. I like that. Which is why it is being continued, making it a trap